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Since the early days of blogging we've kept an eye on WordPress. We watched it grow from being the site that launched a million blogs into a robust CMS that fits any application or client need we can throw it at. The launch of WP 3.0 only served to turn our affection for WP into a full fledged love affair. Now,

Stresslimit lives & breathes WordPress

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“We think it rocks.” —Copyblogger

WordPress Editorial Calendar

in collaboration with Zack Grossbart

From nearly a decade of coaching bloggers, we've learned that the single biggest contributor to success is a well-strategized editorial calendar. The lack of a blog-based content planning solution drove us to build our own: the WordPress Editorial Calendar.

Our free plugin lets you organize, plan, and strategize content with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. And, it works with any kind of custom content you create.

We're proud of the fact that it's been downloaded by over 45,000 people and that some of the biggest blogs on the web (including Chris Brogan and Copyblogger) are running on it.

Above this, we're very proud to be helping thousands of people blog smarter and better.

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Winner of 2nd prize at Hackdays’ HackMtl

WordPress SuperMailer

in collaboration with @mjangda

Want an easy way for blog subscribers to receive your posts automatically by email?

Want to manage your subscriber lists dynamically within your WordPress interface?

Want to integrate with Net-Results, CakeMail or MailChimp?

Now you can with our WordPress SuperMailer.

The SuperMailer supports custom post types and enables you to make your own templates. For developers, we have created a well-documented API that allows advanced interactions with your mailing engine of choice.

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Warning: Developers only!

Custom Metadata Manager

in collaboration with @mjangda

With the addition of custom content types in version 3.0, WordPress is even more useful as a CMS for complicated websites, not just simple blogs.

There are metafield plugins, but most use a graphical user interface, meaning that the data about your custom fields and types are stored in your database. In development, when you may often delete, re-install or move your database around a lot, it is very useful to have your custom setup all in trackable, versionable code.

Enter the Custom Metadata Manager which provides a simple API to add meta fields to posts, pages, users and any custom content types you create.

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Client: Best-selling author and lifestyle consultant Julien Smith

In Over Your Head

When bestselling author and web marketing guru Julien Smith asked us to help revamp his online presence, the only option was WordPress.

Knowing Julien is a master blogger and social strategist, WordPress was the obvious choice as the most powerful toolkit we could provide him. As well as giving him the tools he needed to expand his reach, WordPress was also an ideal platform for us to push the boundaries of what a blog design could be, and what kinds of complex front-end behaviours we could explore. Dynamic flash-based video interventions and insider design and code joke easter eggs are just the beginning… Just don't push the radiator cap!

Visit inoveryourhead.net

Client: Global consultant and author Charles H. Green

Trusted Advisor Associates

Originally built on our custom CMS quite a few years back, we recently built a custom importer and moved all 900+ posts and articles over to WordPress.

We used the power of custom post types and custom meta boxes to better organize the Trusted Advisor site content, as well as hooking into sophisticated 3rd party tracking and marketing automation services.

With the customized training we gave them, the team over at Trusted Advisor can now easily add new posts and perform all of their tasks. Though we remain their tech team, they can manage all aspects of their web strategies themselves.

Visit trustedadvisor.com

Client: A Confidential Global Company

A Fortune-Rated Corporation

Enterprise marketing departments are often restricted by complex relationships to IT security concerns. Security mandates, firewalls, and complex hosting issues have created an environment that restricts content management to IT departments, making it difficult for sales and marketing staff to create and iterate content that responds to the market.

After providing a significant study on security and viability, we were able to move one of our most important clients from a complex and very restricted IT driven environment, to a highly agile, marketing-driven solution we created for them in WordPress. This new solution allows the company to participate comfortably in the social and dynamic environment of today’s web, while feeling secure and comfortable with their choice of platform.

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