One year ago today - Creative Commons Salon Montreal 2010

December 21, 2011 • by celinecelines

I can hardly believe it has been already ONE year since the last Creative Commons Salon in Montreal, on Dec. 21st 2010! ONE YEAR!! So much has happened since then, but unfortunately so little in terms of collecting, organizing, and archiving the content that was produced and presented then… I have uploaded all images captured of the event by my friend Marie-Julie Garneau. That is a first step. I will later on upload all power-point presentations to a CCMTL slideshare and share them. Also we have everything on tape! All the footage from all the talks that I’d love some help to digitalize / edit them, so ping me if interested!

CC Salon Montreal in Retrospect, a year later

CC Goodies

CC Represents CC CelineCelines hosting the event.

Karl saving Celinecelines Preparing…

Vue de la scène We gathered on this cold snowy day over 250 people at la Sala Rossa!

Mark from TO to YUL Our first talk was by Mark Surman, Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation on Skype from Toronto.

Vue de la porte

Martha Rans & Mark Surman Martha Rans presenting Artists Legal Outreach.

Explaining Copyrights Gilles de St-Exupéry.

Let's Get Digital by Karl Dubost Karl Dubost, Let’s Get Digital.

Karl Dubost

Celinecelines presenting Michelle Michelle Thorne.

Michelle Thorne

All the CC Salons of the World

Sala Rossa packed for the CC Salon Montreal 2010

Make it Easier for Others to Use & Build on Our Work Christine Préfontaine & Émily Rose-Michaud

Christine Préfontaine & Émily Rose-Michaud

Also on stage were Christopher Adams, Freesouls and Sharism Presents & Jeremy Clarke, Global Voices of whom I don’t have photos…


> > ## Creative Commons Salon Montreal 1.0 > > Montreal, December 13th, 2010 [Sharism]( presents the first ever Creative Commons Salon in Montreal on Tuesday, December 21st, 2010. Calling all creators, internauts, jurists, and educators: this event is for you. Entry to the event is free and open, as are the ideas that will be exchanged among us! [The first CC Salon Montreal](, which will take place at the Sala Rossa (situated at 4848 St-Laurent Boulevard), is an excellent opportunity to learn about Creative Commons licenses and how they can help you. The Salon is a wonderful occasion to gather the artistic, internaut, and legal communities of Montreal to discuss issues such as intellectual property, open culture, and copyright in the age of the Internet. The evening will commence with a conference on the question of Creative Commons and intellectual property in Canada, including the most recent copyright reform bill - Bill C-32. The line-up of guest speakers includes Martha Rans, Project Lead for Creative Commons Canada, and Mark Surman, the executive producer of Mozilla Drumbeat. Several other artists and web developers will share their experiences and answer your questions. This is a Creative Commons event and is co-sponsored by Université de Montréal chaire en droit de la sécurité et des affaires électronique, and by Mozilla Drumbeat. Doors open at 5:30 pm. Free music, DJing, and live cinema are on the agenda after 10pm. Whether you are a defender of free culture and believe in the spirit of sharing, or if you have a peaked interest but are not quite sure what it is all about, then come join us and learn more, share your ideas, or simply come join the fun.

Will upload the slideshare talks very soon. Hopefully I can get a helping hand editing / uploading the videos of the talks for CC Montreal.

Special thanks to Geneviève Danfort who helped us with this successful event! (^__^)