Editorial Calendar Plugin for WordPress

Editorial Calendar by Stresslimit and Zack Grossbart

Editorial Calendar Plug-in for WordPress
Embrace Structure. Blog Better. Download the Editorial Calendar Plugin Now!

As a digital branding and marketing agency, Stresslimit has encouraged, coached and cajoled clients for years on the importance of blogging as one of the best strategic tools for building traction, traffic, buzz and organic search.

We’ve watched some clients grow in leaps and bounds, while others stumble along without ever gaining momentum.

Over time, we’ve realized the main driver of the successful blogs was the adherence to a well-strategized editorial calendar.

Why Use an Editorial Calendar?

An editorial calendar is the foundation of strategic blogging; it lets you do the planning that it takes to get the most audience reach from your blog content.

  • An editorial calendar lets you plan ahead;
  • An editorial calendar adds structure to your creativity;
  • You can take a great concept further by serializing content;
  • You can be proactive and capitalize on search trends.

Why Develop a WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin?

After years of hacking together editorial calendars for our clients using Excel spreadsheets and Google Docs, we decided that the blogosphere needed a better editorial calendar management tool. WordPress lets you create and edit your posts, but does not have the simple and powerful “bird’s eye view” of your content that allows you to control your long-term strategy.

Our passion for good UI/UX, open source projects and some help from our good friend Zack Grossbart combined to create a tool that would make our lives and coaching our clients more efficient, easier and simply more fun.

Now Available for Download!

We’re excited to continue to update our editorial calendar plugin (now supporting custom post types), which is (in our humble opinion) the killer tool for managing and driving the success of any blog, be it small and personal, or large and corporate.

Don’t take our word for it, see the reactions:

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