Electronic Noise Workshop at The Woodshop

January 05, 2012 • by wes

We are very fortunate to be hosting an electronics workshop in our studio (a.k.a. the Woodshop). I’ll be running things, while tech whiz Adam Brown will be providing the technical expertise. We’re going to be doing basic soldering techniques as well as showing how to read / understand simple circuitry diagrams. And, to what end? Well, so that participants may assemble their very own futuristic light-controlled frequency oscillator. From the future.

This device will make noise–simple tones and such, and the frequency of the tone will be controlled by light (if all goes well). I’m looking forward to what things people do with these. Maybe we can put our mixer to good use….? Anyhow, our hope is that, at the very least, everyone has fun learning how simple circuits work and has a good time. And they will have a good time.

Electronic Noise photo-controlled oscillator workshop The Woodshop 5445 de Gaspé #105 Sunday January 15 at 3pm-6pm