Elements are Falling into Place

September 12, 2011 • by colin

I can say with certainty that we have officially “moved.” Quotation marks here indicate doubt as to the termination of this task. Although all important things of the office were moved [tables & chairs, server, phone and other technology boxes], there was still plumbing and painting being done]. This means that the foosball table that has been waiting here for a couple weeks still doesn’t have a proper horizontal home. Soon though we will hear the happy orchestra of fingers tapping, computer fans whirring and foosballs banging, all very productive sounds!

So here is a space waiting to be filled, with: cutting-edge design, programming and all the organization that is needed in the web business; but also electronic art projects that use web, audio and physical engineering; music production and distribution; multi-purpose workshop space; and more!

Some new friends. Thinking of rewiring all our adapters like this so no one can use the power when they come visit.

Just waiting to accumulate some stress so we can blow it out on the foosball table.

There was some statistic somewhere that said moving was among the top 3 most stressful events that can happen in a person’s life—above car accident right under death of a parent. I’m not sure who they sampled but it seems to me moving is always much more full of excitement than stress; hopefully one is moving in order to go towards something, looking forwards to a new phase of life or projects or business [most likely all of the above].

That is exactly what this means for us right now.