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Why Does InOverYourHead Deserve a Webby?

Because it’s genuinely different.
Not for its own sake, but because Julien Smith is genuinely different too.

Co-author of the bestselling Trust Agents, Julien Smith is an infamously offbeat (and hugely popular) business consultant and lifestyle engineer.

StressLimit developed his personal blog, InOverYourHead, to convey Julien’s iconoclastic perspective on work, health and play.


The blog’s design and navigation play with Julien’s obsessions and renegade personality. Many elements, such as Easter eggs that seem nonsensical, are in fact hat tips to insider web and design culture… meant for Julien’s loyal followers.

Some reasons why we’re proud of this site:

Julien’s blog posts are consistently smart and provocative; his ideas perch on the bleeding edge of contemporary thought about working and living more intelligently.

Video interventions: Site visitors have a 1 in 50 chance of having mini-videos or random site backgrounds take over their browsers. Click here to get a special preview of all the episodes.

  • Note that blog text scrolls down the wall and disappears at the floor.
  • The background appears differently, depending on your monitor size. Zoom in and out to see different views of Julien’s room.
  • A hanging sign displays random messages, or counts mysteriously.
  • Enter a nonsensical search term to land on an insider Photoshop joke.
  • Go ahead… create a 404 error and see what happens.