Moving from...

September 05, 2011 • by colin

For the past 5 years [since late 2006], Stresslimit design has been based out of a beautiful century triplex in east Montréal, in the Hochelaga district—known for biker gang wars in the 80’s and 90’s, now better known for … well … not much actually! We’ve always enjoyed the humble surroundings which allowed us to concentrate on our work while keeping a “low profile.”

So here are some photos of the beloved previous offices of Stresslimit. The first photo is the “front room,” where the front door leads from Ste-Catherine street into the office. The large square table in the middle of the room was for meetings [8-10 people at times], collaboration and as a conversation piece as well—the wood was reclaimed from an old airplane hangar.

The “back room” was all about getting down to work. When the front room was hectic and full of meetings, phone calls, visits, deliveries and all manner of interruptions, people could really concentrate in the back, with only the peaceful hum of machines, Don’s headphones blasting, Kathryn talking to Francis,  Yannick showing zany failblog videos, Wes putting on some 80’s disco tunes, Joey cursing IE, Craven trying to get a clear answer if someone’s task was finished, everyone’s phones pinging and buzzing…. OK but it really was quiet at times!

When all else failed you could get a bit of peace and quiet out in the back yard—just off the kitchen, it was often the scene of rotating phone calls, lunch, “my office” to discuss serious matters, herb garden [mint, oregano, chives etc], motorcycle parking lot, and much more!

We’re still preparing our new office location, and will put pictures and continue the story soon.