is refreshing

September 10, 2012 • by rebeccawest

As Stresslimit evolves, we’ve realized that our current web presence isn’t quite doing is for us anymore. So we’re adapting it to better reflect where we are today, and where we’re headed. With a parallel approach to content, identity and technical development, we’re reworking our messaging, information architecture and design. As each member of the team brings their background and perspective to the table (we are literally all working around the same table), we hash out ideas and challenge possible directions.

Some questions being thrown around the shop lately… What is the best way to showcase our work? Do we organize it by project types or clients? Can a portfolio be dynamic? Are ‘measuring’ and ‘evolving’ part of the same phase in our process? And last but not least, how do we explain what we are about in a simple way, without resorting to clichés or vagaries? It all hits close to home, as these are issues that we are used to working on with our clients on a daily basis. Somehow the reflexive process is more challenging as we don’t have the same external perspective or pressure of a specific delivery deadline, but we’re confident that we’ll sort it all out. Check back soon!